Door Access Control

Door Access – Our door entry systems range from modular designs that can be configured to suit any requirements from a simple one way system through to a complex multi entrance digital system with a range of accessories such as video, access control and disability friendly features. Coded access, proximity access and biometric access control are all available in our extensive range. Options for all security levels are catered for with a wide selection of features and designs. Access can be by way of a key fob , magnetic swipe card or proximity card, the latter to can be printed with the holders picture and text. This robust system can be interfaced with accounts software to produce a payroll audit based upon users access to the workplace , alleviating enormous administration duties for payroll staff.


Key features

  • PC based system
  • Central control of privileges
  • Manage 100s of doors, 10,000 users
  • Event reporting
  • Scaleable; add to systems easily
  • Integrate other building systems
  • Proximity, magstripe or keypads


Typical applications

  • Small/medium premises
  • Large corporate premises
  • Multiple-site premises
  • Government buildings
  • Universities
  • Sports clubs
  • Car parks

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